Friday, September 19, 2008

Japanese scenery~Asakusa2(忍者 Ninjya)

Ninja suits sell them in Asakusa.
I think Japanese doesn't probably buy this ninja suit...
But it may be fascinating as a foreign gift.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Japanese scenery~Asakusa1

I went to Asakusa to buy shoes the other day.

Asakusa is a town with the very much Japanese landscapes.

Therefore Asakusa is very popular with foreign tourists.
Many pictures have been taken in Asakusa, so it'll be introduced a little.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Japanese scenery~maidoookini-syokudo

I was going to say a Maidoookini-syokudo today, and had a meal.
A Maidoookini-syokudo is a chain store.
There are also many Maidoookini-syokudo in Tokyo.
The price of a meal is very low in this dining room.

Japanese food can be eaten for about 600 yen.
The taste is ordinary.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Japanese pretty postcards1

Many pretty postcards sell them in Japan.
I'm collecting postcards.
When writing a letter, it's used for a friend.
I'm putting a postcard in a frame and am displaying it

A letter isn't being written any more so much only by e-mail in Japan recently.
When a letter is sometimes sent for it, it's appreciated very much.

We make two seater the way back of a date.
de-to no kaeri ha futarinori

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tokyo LUNCH(Higashiazabu)~KOSARI TOKYO

shop neme Korean Dining KOSARI TOKYO
address 1-20-3 Higashiazabu Minatoku Tokyo
shop consept Korean Dining

This store seems famous for a Korean.
Many signatures of a Korean star are displayed at a store.

I ate BIPIN noodles.
The BIPIN noodles are very very very very spicy.
BIPIN noodles of lunch is 1000 yen.
A rice-ball and coffee are a set in BIPIN noodles of lunch.
It's possible to refill the coffee.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Japanese scenery~豊洲(Toyosu)

I went to Toyosu to work on Sunday, this week.
Toyosu is quite developed in these 10 years.
There is a very big shopping center in Toyosu.
The name of the shopping center is "ららぽーと豊洲(LALAPO-TO TOYOSU)".

ゆりかもめ線(Yurikamome line) and 有楽町線(Yuurakuchou line) open to traffic in Toyosu.

A picture is the landscape of Toyosu taken from ゆりかもめ線(Yurikamome line).

Tsukiji market will move to Toyosu in the future.

Tsukiji market is one of Tokyo-to center wholesale markets.
It's possible to eat good sushi at a dining room in Tsukiji market.

When Toyosu is written in Japanese, it'll be 豊洲(Toyosu).

Japanese scenery~Tokyo Tower

There is a company of me near Tokyo Tower.
I like Tokyo Tower to see.
Tokyo Tower is being seen every day, but I don't get tired.

The weather was very bad for Japan which took this picture.

HP in Tokyo Tower clicks here.